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Our family-run facility, conveniently located in Naperville, IL, is home to a compassionate staff led by the father-son team of Drs. Rakesh and Rachit Marwaha. For more than 40 years, Naperville Internist has provided outstanding patient care and a whole-health experience to families in Naperville and the surrounding communities of Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, Aurora, Wheaton, and Woodridge, IL. We provide holistic treatment for chronic pain patients, therapeutic BOTOX® injections to treat migraines, and wellness services, like IV therapy and erectile dysfunction treatment. Naperville Internist is also a weight loss clinic that offers medical weight loss plans and injections. Browse our full menu of services below, and call our office to schedule a consultation.


There are numerous methods to treat chronic pain, including platelet-rich plasma injections that stimulate the production of healthy cells.

To help you manage your health, our Naperville, IL office offers primary care services, including wellness exams and treatments for common illnesses.

The Department of Transportation requires commercial vehicle operators to pass a DOT physical exam to check their basic health every 24 months.

Dr. Rachit Marwaha provides health monitoring and care management for people with asthma, diabetes, or other chronic diseases in Naperville, IL.

Ease chronic, severe headache pain with migraine treatment at Naperville Internist where Dr. Marwaha injects BOTOX® into your head or neck.

Cysts form in all shapes and sizes under hardened skin that can become a painful abscess, which needs to be surgically removed to relieve symptoms.

Foot and ankle pain may be caused by repetitive movement or an injury. Dr. Marwaha provides quality podiatry care for people in Naperville, IL.

Skin tags (acrochordons) appear on the skin’s surface, and while they are harmless, they can become irritated and need excision.

Dr. Marwaha can identify an abnormal skin lesion and perform a skin biopsy to remove a small sample for testing.

Naperville Internist can identify the cause of your allergy symptoms and develop a treatment plan to provide relief from numerous common allergens.

Telehealth visits are a virtual way to reach the Naperville Internist team. If you can’t make it to our Naperville, IL office, try telehealth.

Mental health is often linked to physical health. Naperville Internist takes a whole-patient approach to treating mental health conditions.

Our women’s health services include wellness exams that can detect potential issues early on.


Medical weight loss involves a personalized diet and exercise plan that may include injections to help patients drop excess weight.

A weight loss strategy can allow you to attain your objectives for an improved life through several methods that will be customized for your life.

BOTOX is an injectable to treat dynamic wrinkles for younger-looking skin. It is also effective at treating migraines and excessive sweating.

IV therapy is an outstanding and safe option if you want a boost or are interested in preserving your vitality and well-being.

Use your body’s healing powers to reduce signs of aging and revitalize complexion health with PRP treatments in Naperville, IL.

Many men experience problems with erections as they age so our Naperville, IL clinic offers several ED treatments customized to your needs.

Imbalanced hormones can result in a number of unwanted issues, but our Naperville, IL team is here to help you feel like yourself again.


Medical weight loss involves a personalized diet and exercise plan that may include injections to help patients drop excess weight.

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