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Allergy Testing and Treatment in Naperville, IL

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What is Allergy Testing and Treatment?

Continuous coughing, sneezing, a runny nose, and itchy, watery eyes are common symptoms of allergies that millions of Americans suffer from. These uncomfortable symptoms can be challenging to manage and often have a negative impact on an individual's daily life. Dr. Rachit Marwaha and his team are extensively trained in allergy testing and treatment. They can administer a test that checks for dozens of common allergens. If you're tired of sneezing through life, contact Naperville Internist in Naperville, IL to learn more about how Dr. Marwaha can help diagnose and treat your allergies.

How is Allergy Testing Performed?

Allergy testing is performed in a private treatment room in our Naperville, IL practice. Dr. Marwaha will review your symptoms, allergy triggers, and medical history. Using the skin prick testing technique, our team can test for as many as 72 different allergens. This test is usually performed on your arm. During a skin prick test, the skin on your forearm will be pricked, and a small amount of a substance will be inserted. Dr. Marwaha will then observe the area to see if any swelling or itching occurs, indicating an allergic reaction. Allergy testing typically takes about an hour.

After gathering the results, Dr. Marwaha will discuss treatment options. Immunotherapy is the preferred method for treating allergies at Naperville Internist. This therapy exposes a patient to small doses of an allergen and gradually increases the amount. The body gradually adjusts to the allergen and becomes less sensitive to it, reducing symptoms in the future. Dr. Marwaha may also recommend medicinal teas to help reduce uncomfortable allergy symptoms.

Naperville Internist can treat the following allergies:

  • Seasonal
  • Dog and cat
  • Peanut
  • Pollen
  • Dust mites
  • Mold

Dr. Rachit Marwaha (or Junior to Dr. Rakesh Marwaha’s Senior) has been instrumental in helping me carve out the best version of myself. He does not allow you to end up in a devastating cycle of Rx’s, has a straight forward demeanor & can discuss important health concerns or answer questions with honesty & empathy. He listens. He will take the time if you need him to give it. Just be sure not to hesitate to make your appt as the times do get fully booked. The move to their new Naper facility was crucial- he and his father, as well as a handful of other health&medical pro’s now operate out of a large, renovated, stand-alone location very accessible from any surrounding suburb. Their online portal makes booking appts or viewing test results easy. I was a patient of Rakesh for years and he is a very tough act to follow as he’s always given the best care w/ fair pricing, and Rachit is carrying on these values. If person setting appt is rude just know that doesn’t carry over to the doctors!

K. Healthgrades

Dr, Rachit Marwaha is a fantastic doctor. Over the past year I have gotten to know him well and I couldn’t be more confident in his skill and expertise in the area of Internal medicine. In addition to his superior knowledge, he has a wonderful bedside manner and you feel like you were respected and understood when you leave. Dr.Marwaha JR. adds so much to this practice. So lucky to have him as my doctor. Sincerely, Judy Lawlor

J.L. Google

Dr. Rachit Marwaha saw me during my hospital observation stay, and I did my follow-up visit with him a week later, which was fine so I'm giving him a 5 star. During my follow-up visit, I left the office and remembered two questions pertaining to my results that I forgot to ask, so I called a day or two later and asked if I could speak with the doctor to get the answers to my two questions. I was told the doctor would call me the next day at 7:15p. On the afternoon of the day I was expecting Dr Rachit Marwaha's call, I received a call from the front-desk person informing me I needed to pay my co-pay for the call at 7:15p. I went on to explain to her that I merely needed to ask two questions concerning my test results that I forgot to ask during my visit. She asked me what were the questions, I told her, she then said I'll give the doctor the message and if he calls and wants to charge you, I'll let you know, I said okay, and never heard back from either. SMH...

D. Google

My Doctors of choice for over 25 years!

P.M. Google

Dr. Marwaha (Jr) answered all my COVID questions professionally. Thank You! - Frank R

F.R. Google


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We Provide Allergy Relief

The caring team at Naperville Internist takes a holistic approach to diagnose and treat your allergies. We understand that allergies can be frustrating and even dangerous. Contact our Naperville, IL office to schedule allergy testing and get the treatment you need to live a happy, healthy life.

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